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Jack Grapes Method Writing Level One/Two (combined)
Tuition: $300 ( eight session class taught via ZOOM)

Instructor: Charles Kruger
Schedule: Saturdays, 6/25/22 through 08/20/22 – 11a.m to 1p.m. PST (Note: There will be no class on 8/6/2022.)
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For this class, Level I and Level II will be taught simultaneously. Students should indicate
for which level they are enrolling.

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Level I Students:      Jack Grapes’ Method Writing: The First Four Concepts
Level II Students:     Jack Grape’ Adanced Method Writing

“Method Writing” is a carefully arranged, leveled teaching curriculum
designed by famed Los Angeles writing teacher, Jack Grapes, to help
writers develop a reliable and consistent technique that:

• eliminates reliance on inspiration – no more writer’s block!
• focuses on tonal dynamics and the writer’s deep voice
• systematically trains writers to create cinematic scenes
• reliably guides writers to their own themes
• teaches writers to allow story to emerge from an
exploration of themes rather than artificial construction.

Method Writing techniques are applicable to all genres of writing: poetry,
memoir, fiction, essays and opinion pieces, book reviews, theatre reviews,
TV and cinema, plays, even recipes.

Who Can Benefit?

• creative individuals who have dreamed of “being a writer” but
need help in developing a consistent practice.

• anybody who has to create written product as part of their job.

• visual and performing artists who would like to expand their
creative practice.

• writers who whish to deepen their practice.

• hobbyists looking for a creative outlet.

• writing instructors who wish to expand their
instruction repertoire.

• younger writers just starting to explore their creativity
(teens are welcome!).

Level One students students will develop a writing
process that can reliably help them to:

• eliminate, forever, the bugaboo of so-called “writer’s block”.

• quickly, and efficiently, activate the “deep voice”—the intimate tone that
forms a relationship with the reader, as if they were whispering in the
readers’ ear.

• generate images and metaphors that surprise and delight.

Level 2 Writers will continue to develop their practice, with an additional focus on
developing their mastery of additional voices (or tones):

• Straight Talk
• Lost World
• To Be Read & Sung
• Absence of Field

No class can turn you into a writer. That has to come from your heart.
But I can show you the tools to practice that will gradually lead you to become
the writer you long to be or enrich the work of the writer you already are.