What Is Method Writing?


Method Writing is an organic approach to the creative process, a way of finding your deep, authentic voice. You will also learn to write using “tonal dynamics” to make your writing more fluid and compelling. The Method does not deal with traditional approaches to writing that emphasize structure and form – the three-act structure of the screenplay, for instance, or the study of formal approaches to the novel, or even technical aspects of writing contemporary poetry. There is nothing wrong with studying structure and form, but I do not believe that structure and form alone will make your writing better. Writing is writing, no matter what form or structure it takes, and your reader will always be hooked by your voice, not by your structure. Like method acting, which focuses on truth and organic process, Method Writing deals with the inner voice and how it can be used to create unique works of art, true to your own voice and style, true to your own vision and point of view, true to your own life experience—whether you’re writing poems, stories, novels, plays, screenplays, non-fiction, memoir, shopping lists, recipes, ransom notes, etc. If you plan to study Method Writing, you’d begin with Level One: The First Four Concepts, whether or not you are a beginning writer or someone who has won the National Book Award and the Nobel Prize. While there are many “advanced” levels to Method Writing, I consider the entry level class the “most advanced” class of all. When you enroll in the Level One class, you’ll be working from my textbook, Method Writing: The First Four Concepts. Once you’ve completed that first level course, you may go on to take advanced level classes. There are 4 advanced level classes based on the concepts in my second book, Advanced Method Writing: The Art of Tonal Dynamics.